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The Villa Reale in Monza is a treasure of exceptional historical, cultural, and scenic importance.

Today we need to reflect on the role of the Villa Reale as a cultural institution that interacts with the territory around it.

Stefano Boeri

President of Triennale Milano

"The Royal Villa in Monza and its Park are an outstanding heritage of mankind"

Carlo Sangalli

President of Camera di Commercio Milano Monza Brianza Lodi

"Villa Reale must be relaunched and promoted as part of a system which includes also other attractive landscape resources"

How to participate:
submit your project proposal

Participants need to formulate a vision for the future of the Villa Reale in Monza, drafting an innovative and sustainable programme that can also develop and implement synergies with other sectors in the Royal Palace system. To take part, all you need to do is submit your proposal online (in the Submit your idea section) by uploading a summary of your project and a video explaining the concept.


attilio fontana


of Regione Lombardia
"I believe that with the commitment and determination of the institutions we could make this unique heritage of our Region even more unique"

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Dario Allevi

Mayor of Monza and President of Consorzio Villa Reale di Monza

"I hope the Villa can become one of the most important tourist attractions in the world; it sure has all the features for that"


Giuseppe Sala

Mayor of Milan

"We should not think that all that it takes is making a good job on a beautiful place and then the tourists will come. No, today you have to go and get the tourists yourself"

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Andrea dell'Orto

President of Presidio territoriale di Monza e Brianza, Assolombarda

"It could also have a major impact
on businesses, on the related industries and therefore also on employment"



Pietro Benvenuti

DG of the Monza national racetrack
"Surely if we succeed in making the Park in general more active and lively, then we can offer services with the Autodromo and the Villa but also stimulate people's curiosity to attract them, I believe that Monza and the surrounding territory would benefit from it."


rodrigo rodriquez

"There are three forces I would suggest you should consider for the development of the project. A professional force, an artistic force, and the force of culture."


Carmen Consoli

"The culture attracts public and also profit, it is not true that one does not live of 'bread and Divine Comedy'"

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Steve McCurry

"I was very proud
to have my work in such
a wonderful kind of a prestigious elegant space"


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Biba Giacchetti

"One of the most beautiful places in Italy for what concerns sheer beauty and welcoming nature, the architectural works, the parks, the garden..."


Fabio Berti

Head of technical services, Consorzio Villa Reale e Parco di Monza


Corrado Beretta

Area Valorizzazione e Fruizione Reggia di Monza, Consorzio Villa Reale e Parco di Monza

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